Our coffee venue…

Our venue for coffee is changing from TUESDAY 20 SEPTEMBER 2016. This means, for our long-term members, that we will no longer be having coffee on Arbat. This is due to repeated requests from members who find the basement at Shoko too hot, or noisy, or claustrophobic, and also from members who find the location inconvenient to access via metro.

Our new venue isĀ as follows:

This is a lovely location on a pedestrianised street, close to several metro stations. There is outdoor seating for the summer, as well as a garden in the back that we will be able to use. With lots of windows and being on the street level we hope to erase many of the issues that members had with Shoko. But of course, we need your feedback on this change! The committee have worked hard to find a good location and we hope you like it.

Take a look here at our coffee morning page for more details.